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Yes, we ARE playing this season!!!

Contrary to any rumors rolling around, OU Hockey WILL PLAY the 2022-23 season!!!! Yes, there are some changes coming but one thing is certain--there will be OU Hockey this fall.

As of right now, all games will be moved to Arctic Edge Ice in Edmond and we are finalizing our exciting schedule as we speak. Look for the final game schedule to be out in the next few weeks as we will play a full WCHL conference schedule as well as some other fun teams and games at some fun sites.

OU Hockey is going to look different this year in a great way!! Look for lots more excitement on the ice, more player appearances, and much more to come. You won't want to miss the upcoming season of OU Hockey.

And did we mention that the 2022-23 season marks the 20th Anniversary of OU Hockey?? We can't let that go unnoticed either so watch for some exciting 20th Anniversary events, gear, and apparel.

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