The 2021-2022 Season Teddy Bear Toss will be during our game on Saturday Feb 5th against Arizona State University at 5pm 

After the First SOONERS Goal of the Game let the bears fly down onto the ice !!!

Teddy Bear Guidelines & Restrictions

New Bears Only
We ask that fans only toss NEW bears that are placed in a clear plastic bag.(available upon entry if needed)

The most asked for bears are the small to medium-large (6”-36” tall)! Giant bears are fun but are harder to rehome. Consider recipient needs when buying your bears!

Steer clear of any bears with battery packs or larger hard surfaces. The toss is meant to be enjoyable for all fans and throwing a hard object could cause injury to someone in the crowd. Fluffy and soft is the way to go!

It’s important we keep those NEW stuffies dry and clean for their future owners. You don’t want them to pick up any dirt or water on the ice or ground. 

Infection prevention guidelines at children’s hospitals have gotten pretty strict about ensuring toys are clean.  All bears MUST be NEW and wrapped in clear plastic bags (available upon entry if needed).